Meet Our Partners

Our partners offer indispensable contributions to our initiative to bridge the digital divide. They provide educational leadership, logistical support, and proof that our work is a collaborative, community-driven endeavor. As our partners work with us to empower those interested in the tech industry,  they help our scholars take their first meaningful steps towards education and a fulfilling career path in the tech industry.

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Beta Builders

Beta Builders is passionate about finding ways to connect young people to computer science because of the economic opportunity it presents.Our mission is to inspire underrepresented and minority youth to pursue a career in the fast-paced and ever evolving tech industry. Taught by young software engineers and local certified teachers, the Beta Builder program teaches Pittsburgh students how to code and write software. Our long-term goal is to diversify the ever-evolving tech workforce and inspire more students of color to pursue computer-oriented careers while also providing mentoring to foster our students minds from an informed and culturally relevant perspective.

Community College Allegheny County (CCAC)

The Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) is a multi-campus community college serving 1.3 million residents in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding suburbs. CCAC has a longstanding legacy – over 50 years – of service in addressing issues of access, success and workforce development, particularly for historically under-represented and economically disadvantaged populations in our region. The College has been thoughtful and strategic in establishing support structures and programs for its students aimed at eliminating the social barriers that accompany poverty, such as the establishment of food pantries, emergency scholarships, free access to online books via open education resources (OERs), success coaches, advisors, and counselors. Through partnership with Level Up 412, CCAC is looking forward to expanding access to high quality STEM and computer science education/training via pathways to the region’s high priority occupations.

Homewood Children’s Village

Homewood Children’s Village (HCV) was formed because many of the systems that should deliver supports for Homewood’s kids were broken. In the years since their inception, HCV has developed a robust portfolio of projects that show their commitment to poverty reduction, workforce development, STEM education and digital literacy. Through it all, HCV, has advocated for residents opening the door for youth and residents to gain access to needed opportunities.While their mechanism for community impact has focused on educational supports for youth, their programming has consistently included strategies that support Employability, STEM, and digital literacy. Working with Level Up 412,  HCV hopes to add a new dimension to their diverse approaches to equip residents for the 21st Century career opportunities.

University of Pittsburgh CEC and Hill CDC

In partnership with the Hill Community Development Corporation (Hill CDC), the Pitt Hill CEC merges the community’s agenda and wisdom with the University’s assets and resources to build interest in STEM education and career fields through engagement with schools and community-based organizations; to provide skill-based training for those soon to enter the workforce, underemployed, or interested in accessing the region’s growing tech market; and to enhance digital and media literacy across the entire spectrum of community learners from computer basics to data science. These community-based efforts through the Pitt Hill CEC are a continuation of the New Granada STEAM project, a community-driven concept originally envisioned by the Hill CDC and a broad range of regional innovators across industries to deeply explore the meaning of tech and innovation in the context of the Hill District neighborhood and redevelopment of New Granada Theater.

In tandem, the Hill CDC focuses on economic development but also has a strong entrepreneurial education and training program that provides small business owners with the opportunity to access resources and institutions that help strengthen existing establishments and support new ones. Working with the Pitt CEC, these actors have access to additional training and support in digital literacy to further strengthen their business and lead to long-term success.

Womxn in Tech Pittsburgh (WIT PGH)

Womxn in Tech Pittsburgh (WIT PGH) is a community of women, womxn, non-binary folks, and allies championing for the diverse and intersectional experience in tech. WIT PGH aims for tech equity and advocacy through digital literacy and autonomy. In their inaugural venture in partnership with Level Up 412, WIT PGH is excited to work on bridging the gap between our burgeoning tech sector and the city’s most underestimated communities, by establishing a dedicated virtual space to serve as an education and resource hub helping BIPOC womxn and femmes 18+ to acquire proficiency in the technical skills needed to break into Pittsburgh’s tech ecosystem.

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