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In partnership with a number of respected regional institutions, we offer a wide range of courses suited to train, educate, and motivate our scholars to pursue sustainable and fulfilling careers in the tech industry. Through Level Up 412 coursework, our scholars not only develop practical skill sets that are quickly applicable to their preferred career field; they also develop a passion for learning – engaging with experienced instructors and fellow scholars who share their enthusiasm for the tech industry.

Explore courses in programming, web development, cyber security, information technology, mechatronics, and more!

Registration occurs on a rolling basis, unless otherwise noted. All courses are free of charge to eligible applicants.

Eligibility: LevelUp412 is an equitable-access initiative open to residents of the City of Pittsburgh and select outerlying municipalities (McKees Rocks, Stowe, Homestead, Braddock, North Braddock, East Pittsburgh, Wilkinsburg, Duquesne, and McKeesport).

Adventures in Technology: Virtual Reality

Overview: Students will learn what virtual reality is, how it works and why it's important. They will be provided Google cardboard vr headsets. Students must have access to either an 3.5"- 6.0" Apple or Android phone.

Provider: Homewood Children’s Village
Student Age: Youth, High School
Length: TBD

Budgeting for Digital Access, Financial Planning for Career Changes

Overview: Financial motivation and preparation for workforce transitions. Participants in need of tech or connectivity gain access and learn sustainable integration into lifestyle and budget.

Skills obtained: Financial planning, workforce transitions, access to internet. Online banking, service appointments over Zoom, and other services are taught, as necessary.

Provider: Financial Empowerment Centers
Student Age: Adult, 18+
Length: 1:1 Monthly meetings throughout, as needed by participant

CIT 150: Computer Technical Support

Overview: This course provides students with the knowledge and skills consistent with the objectives for CompTIA A+ certification to install, maintain, customize and operate a personal computer system. Topics include: system architecture, boot process, command line interface, motherboards, memory, installing and optimizing storage devices, input/output devices, managing and supporting a Windows operating system environment, networked computers, printers, mobile devices and troubleshooting fundamentals.

Provider: CCAC
Student Age: Adults
Length: Rolling, with starts on May 24th and June 6th

Computer Foundations and Application: CIT 100

Overview: This is a general computer literacy course. Students develop skills with common applications to use a computer as a tool, make informed decisions concerning computer generated information and obtain basic information systems concepts and terminology.

Skills obtained: Students learn computer fundamentals (hardware, software, using a Microsoft Windows operating system), essential applications (word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software), working online (networks, Internet and email) and the impact of computing and the Internet on society.

Provider: CCAC
Student Age: Adult, 17+
Length: Summer, rolling admissions starts on May 24th and June 6th; 8 program hours total

Information Technology Fundamentals: CIT 115

Overview: Course explores technical issues involved with computers and information technology.

Skills obtained: Students will be able to set up a basic workstation, conduct basic software installation, establish basic network connectivity, identify compatibility issues, identify/prevent basic security risks and demonstrate knowledge in the areas of safety and preventative maintenance of computers.

Provider: CCAC
Student Age: Adult, 17+
Length: Summer, rolling admissions starts on May 24th and June 6th; equivalent 3 credit hours, certificate track

Learn and Earn Success Series: Digital Footprint

Overview: Digital footprint workshop. Students will explore their online identities and the long-term impact of posting and sharing on social media

Provider: Homewood Children’s Village
Student Age: Youth, High School
Length: June 21-25

Networking: CIT120

Overview: This course introduces students to computer networking fundamentals. Using a Microsoft Windows Server-based LAN environment, students practice network administration concepts and activities.

Skills obtained: fundamental network design, network hardware, network operating systems software, data communications, configuration and installation, internetworking, and troubleshooting basic network problems.

Provider: CCAC
Student Age: Adult, 17+
Length: Summer, rolling admissions starts on May 24th and June 6th; 7 program hours total

Programming- CIT 111

Overview: This course is an introduction to software development using the Java programming language. Students create basic Java applications using algorithm development and problem-solving strategies. Topics include the software development process, Java language basics, data type representations and storage considerations, Graphical User Interface (GUI), program control structures, methods and parameter passing, one-dimensional arrays and Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).

Provider: CCAC
Student Age: 17+ years old
Length: Spring Semester

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