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In partnership with a number of respected regional institutions, we offer a wide range of courses suited to train, educate, and motivate our scholars to pursue sustainable and fulfilling careers in the tech industry. Through Level Up 412 coursework, our scholars not only develop practical skill sets that are quickly applicable to their preferred career field; they also develop a passion for learning – engaging with experienced instructors and fellow scholars who share their enthusiasm for the tech industry.

Explore courses in programming, web development, cyber security, information technology, mechatronics, and more!

Registration occurs on a rolling basis, unless otherwise noted. All courses are free of charge to eligible applicants.

Eligibility: LevelUp412 is an equitable-access initiative open to residents of the City of Pittsburgh and select outerlying municipalities (McKees Rocks, Stowe, Homestead, Braddock, North Braddock, East Pittsburgh, Wilkinsburg, Duquesne, and McKeesport).

Building your first Website

Student will engage in a 4 week course. At the end of the course student will have built their first website.

Week 1: HTML
Week 2: CSS
Week 3: Javascript
Week 4: Review of the Code

Provider: Beta Builders
Length: 12 Hours over 6 Weeks
Student Age: 10-16 years old is dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools and increasing diversity in computer science by reaching students of all backgrounds where they are — at their skill-level, in their schools, and in ways that inspire them to keep learning.

Provider: Homewood Children’s Village
Student Age: 10-11 years old
Length:  Student Availability (CLOSED)

Computer Foundations and Application: CIT 100

This is a general computer literacy course. Students learn computer fundamentals (hardware, software, using a Microsoft Windows operating system), essential applications (word processing, spreadsheets and presentation software), working online (networks, Internet and email) and the impact of computing and the Internet on society. Students develop skills with common applications to use a computer as a tool, make informed decisions concerning computer generated information and obtain basic information systems concepts and terminology.

Provider: CCAC
Student Age: 17+ years old
Length: Spring Semester

Game Design Workshop: Part 2

In Partnership with PItt’s School of Computing & information, this 4-week game design challenge is a follow-up to Part 1, teaching youth advanced skills of video game design and coding through the creation of various video games.

Provider: Pitt CEC
Student Age: 8-13 years old
Length: 4-Week Course (Lesson Presented 1x/Week) (CLOSED)

Hacking Barriers to Entry: A remote and holistic pathway to tech

6-month, self-paced coding bootcamp via Treehouse Tech Degree. Option of gaining proficiency in any of the following: PHP, Python, UX Design, Front End Development, Full-Stack Development Access to resiliency and work-life balance workshops with The Center for Interracial Relationships, job workshops, personal mentors.

Provider:Womxn in Tech PGH
Student Age: 18+ years old
Length: 6 Months (COURSE FULL)

Information Technology Fundamentals: CIT 115

This course explores technical issues involved with computers and information technology. Students will be able to set up a basic workstation, conduct basic software installation, establish basic network connectivity, identify compatibility issues, identify/prevent basic security risks and demonstrate knowledge in the areas of safety and preventative maintenance of computers. This course prepares students considering a career in Information Technology (IT) or desiring a more detailed knowledge of IT fundamentals.

Provider: CCAC
Student Age: 17+ years old
Length: Spring Semester

Intro to 3D Modeling and Game Design with Open Lab

Program Description: Participants are given access to training modules through the Open Lab’s online training space, covering software such as TinkerCAD and the Unity Game Engine. During weekly sessions, learners are guided through these tutorials and learn to create objects, structures, environments, and the basics of game design. Follow up sessions allow for learners to share their work and gain feedback from their peers and session leaders.

Provider: Pitt CEC
Student Age: 15-18 years old
Length: Target launch date: Late February/Early March 2021, number of sessions TBD

Learning Python through Jupyter

In partnership with Pitt’s Digital Scholarship Series, this self-paced online workshop is led by Barry Moore II of the Center for Research Computing and offers an opportunity for ‘side-by-side’learning with University and Community. If you have experience with another programming language or have never programmed at all, this workshop will help you hit the ground running. This workshop approaches Python as a tool to complete data science tasks. Attendees will walk through Python at their own pace covering: types, operators, data structures, loops, flow control, comprehensions, and dealing with files. If you finish the introductory material you can continue to learn about Pandas. Pandas is a Python library which contains useful data structures for completing common data science tasks.

Provider: Pitt CEC
Student Age: 18+ years old
Length: 1 3-hr workshop available for up to 5 community residents (COURSE FULL)

LEGO Robotics (Boost Creative Toolbox)

Introduction into the creative world of coding where students build, learn, and program robots. Students can build and rebuild 5 cool multifunctional robot models.

Provider: Homewood Children’s Village
Student Age: 8-13 years old
Length: Wednesdays @ 4pm-5:15pm (COURSE CLOSED)

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