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The tech industry is growing, and we’re working to make it more accessible, equitable, and enjoyable for all those who wish to be a part of it. Whether you’ve been interested in a tech-related career field for a while, or are just getting started, Level Up 412 is dedicated to providing the dynamic education and training you’ll need to succeed in your chosen discipline. Check out our career personas to find the field that speaks to you, or take our career assessment below to see which career path is most compatible with your existing skills and interests. Either way, it’s time to get started!

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Our career assessment tool is an engaging quiz designed to help you (and other future scholars) align your interests and talents with potential career fields in the tech industry. By the end of the assessment, you’ll possess a clearer sense of how your existing skills and tech-related interests are compatible with future career opportunities in website development, programming, informational technology, cyber security, or other fields.

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Enrolling in coursework through Level Up 412 is an investment in your personal and professional growth. Through our educational programming, you’ll benefit from expert instruction, mentorship, and access to all the resources you need to train for a career in a variety of tech industry fields. Ready to get started?

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